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The last thing this world needs is one more gawd damn religion...But what makes our Bible different is we update ours as we receive new information!

The Bolting Bible is a fun-themed, info packed e-book that is updated regularly with the newest bolting information, techniques and equipment for highlining by highliners.  We chose Google Docs as the platform for this e-book, so that you can literally see live updates as they happen.

Ryan Jenks coordinated and edited the contributions of 10+ bolters (list of contributors can be found in the Preface) to create a comprehensive script for a bolting series on the HowNOTtoHighline Youtube channel.  Through this process, the script became longer and longer until it naturally evolved into a book. Feel free to read it and share it, but please be aware that if you download it you may not have the most up to date copy. Please refer back to this page often to get the latest information as we will be updating it regularly.  

If you have information that will help make this Bible better, or if you have found any inaccuracies, please email me at or Facebook message me @Ryan.Jenks.35.