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"How slacklining can change the world"
at ignite boulder 32

Slacklining has a superpower. If you've got 5 minutes to spare, find out how this superpower can change the world. 


about sonya

Sonya is a highliner and slackline instructor who travels around the world to slackline festivals to assist with highline rigging and promote the efforts of the many organizations that she is a part of. Sonya has been slacklining since 2008, has a PhD in Molecular Biology from Boston University in 2016, and is a sponsored ambassador with Mountain Hardwear.

After founding Slacklink.org years ago, she has been increasingly involved in community development. She is the President of the Board of Directors of Slackline US, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that she founded with the intention to increase slackline knowledge, access, and conservation. It is a democratically-controlled organization modeled after the American Alpine Club and the Access Fund, and its goal is to help with some of the most critical issues relating to slacklining in the US.

Sonya is also the President of the International Slackline Association - ISA, which she helped create. She primarily handles communications, volunteer coordination, and general organization for the ISA. It was founded to help share slackline knowledge across borders.

To top that off, Sonya started yet another foundation -- Crossing Lines-Slackline Exchange, a slackline mission with the intention of connecting people across cultural or political divides and breaking down barriers worldwide, using slacklining as the medium. It started as a slackline exchange between the US and Iran, two countries with such painful and unnecessary division. CL then grew into a group of caring slackliners who wanted to reach out to their brothers and sisters in other places of high political tension and share their love of slack. This year, the Crossing Lines team made a journey to Lebanon to teach slacklining to Syrian refugees. The CL team is now going back and organizing another larger and more involved mission to bring slacklining to even more people in need. "Building bridges, not borders." (If you would like to help, please contact Sonya or consider donating to the Crossing Lines project here.)

Sonya further helps the slackline community by organizing safety and rescue systems for festivals. She has gone to numerous trade shows asking for gear and resources from manufacturers to create rescue kits and other gear for use at highline festivals around the world. She writes detailed reports and documents which can be shared freely and benefit the entire slackline community, and she started the first and only database of slackline incidents and accidents, which now helps the slackliners and gear manufacturers better understand and mitigate slackline mishaps.