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slack-librium: slackline and mindfulness education

Jesse Goldman talks about bringing slack-lining to schools across the United States. 


about jesse


Jesse Goldman is a graduate of UNC Asheville holding a major in Political Science and a minor in Africana Studies. He founded UNCA’s student-led Mindfulness Club at the end of his freshman year, and later founded his own instructional slackline & mindfulness company, Slack-Librium. Over the past four years Jesse has taught workshops at over forty events across the country, created & facilitated a 12-week slackline & mindfulness after-school program, and participated in a grant project sponsored by the NC Center for Health & Wellness to bring week-long slackline workshops into Asheville Middle School gym classes. Today, Jesse resides in Asheville, NC and remains committed to Slack-Librium and teaching awareness-based education.