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Veel üks kord //
One more time


"Jaan Roose is the founder and CEO of the non-profit organisation Vabadussport (meaning freedomsport in Estonian) and has gained wider recognition as the young slackline pro who collaborated with Madonna. The way to the top has not been an easy one for Jaan who practices slacklining regardless of freezing temperatures or a broken leg.
"I first saw slacklining in a video and my mouth fell open. The first close encounter happened at the parkour practice where we were shown the basics. I tried to stand and walk, but it seemed absolutely impossbile. Half an hour later I was standing on the line and later I even tried to do some flips. At the end of the practice, the best were given their very own slacklines," says Jaan when describing his initial experience with a hobby that has now become his everyday job. The purpose of the non-profit organisation is to promote parkouring and slacklining as a hobby and as a form of public entertainment in shows."


about jaan

Jaan is a record holding trickliner and Gibbon Slacklines Pro Athlete. He has accomplished many feats in slacklining, and currently holds the world record for most front flips on a slackline in a row at 5 flips. He slacklined for Madonna on her MDNA WorldTour in 2012, stunt doubled in Assassin's Creed (2016), won the 2016 Redbull Airlines, and took 1st place at the FISE in Montpellier (2014). He has also taken first place in the King of Slackline (2011), second place in the ISPO Open Slackline Contest (2011), second place in King of Slackline (2010), and second place in Gibbon Outdoor (2010). He is currently performing for Dragone circus La Perle in Dubai.