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it's easier to walk 800 meters above the ground than...

Anna Kuchařová gives a fantastic talk about how a person is able to mature both physically and mentally through this wonderful, yet a little dangerous sport. Slackline is a passion, lifestyle, hobby and message. This sport does not suit everyone. In fact, patience is a necessity.



about ančee

Ančee began slacklining in the summer of 2010. She had tried it two years earlier, but she did not like it at all and completely condemned it.  But then she met Kwjeta (her now husband), fell in love and started to practice more. It was not like before; she was more patient with herself. After a month, she walked 12 meters and tried her first highline. She just got up and fell, but it was such a powerful and positive experience that it motivated her to do all the work that followed.

Ančee is also an architect and slackliner. She graduated with a degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering at ČVUT in Prague and worked for 4 years at Space8. Space8 was a fabulous workplace, offering jobs that young architects can only dream of, but being a slackliner, Ančee craved physical fitness and the great outdoors. She ultimately made a decision to leave Space8 to fully engage in slacklining. Leaving something she loved for something she loved was one of the most difficult decisions of her life. 

Ančee does not know how her life will play out, or if she will even value the same qualities in 15 years, so right now she is doing as much as she can, while she can, and while she is still enjoying it. She rides the streets around the world, organizes expeditions, courses, and lectures, and is working on creating basic rules and the legalization of slacklining in her area. It's a lot of work, but a lot of joy.