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Slacktivity Slacklines was founded by Tobias Rodenkirch and Samuel Volery as a spin-off company from ETH Zürich. Both Samuel and Tobias have a M.S. in Movement Science, and their goal is to promote the sport in all its facets by offering long lasting materials in the best possible quality at a fair price. 


Samuel Volery

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Samuel Volery sets the bar high as one of the top slackline athletes in the world and a co-founder of Slacktivity--bringing you the latest slackline technology. At 22 years of age he discovered slacklining and has since set world records such as walking a 1210m highline and 750m waterline in 2017. When not on the line himself,  Sam teaches slacklining to children and adults for recreation and physical therapy. He has a spectacular and versatile style on the line, which promises to wow the viewer and can be seen throughout his instructional videos. Whether you want to learn the basics or think you’re ready to take on backflips, Sam has a tutorial for you.  

tobias Rodenkirch


Tobias is a co-founder of GmbH. Since 2009, him and Sam have been developing and optimizing new slack designs and then producing their own slackline-sets for indoor and outdoor use. Not only do they bring their latest slackline technology to the market, they also teach sport instructors, physiotherapists, kids and teens how to walk the line.  A key component in this instruction is training concentration in the sport.