Piotr blaszczak

Piotr Blaszczak, the man of many talents, has been slacklining since 2008.  Not only can he juggle 5 balls, 4 clubs, spin poi, juggle torches and ride unicycles, he has worked as a full stack developer for last 9 years.  He now works for the Polish Government in Warsaw but grew up in Lublin.  Naturally, Piotr picked up slacklining quickly and says, “it was a magic moment, like floating over the ground”.  His passions led him to be on the Urban Highline Festival (UHF) team and has been helping since the beginning.  Immediately, he saw the need for a map of slackline areas.  The first version was released in 2011 and as his development skills grew, so did the following versions.  He is on version 4 of this beta project and now with additional help, he hopes to release the official grand opening of SLACKMAPS this year.