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Below you'll find a preview of the list of 1000+ local slackline groups around the world.

I tried to include only the most relevant/active/useful groups, but I did include some that aren’t entirely active as they are still a good way to get in touch with local slackers. I’ve included all the countries in there, even if they don’t have any links under them, in the hopes that we will fill them all in someday. I encourage all of the slackers on here that are from an underrepresented country to be an ambassador for the sport, make a local group, and meet some other slackers as they pass through your area! It doesn’t matter if you are the only slacker! You, ESPECIALLY, should make a group so that we can help you not be the only one ;) Where there are slackers, we will go.

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Let me know what i missed!

Please comment below and let me know of any groups I missed or any new ones you create! 

I'll update this about once a month depending on submissions. 

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