Slacklife Global is a team made up of world class athletes and STOKE. We do the sickest projects and throw the fattest parties.

Kimberly Weglin

Location: Lodi, CA

Kimberly is a pro slackliner and the founder of Slackademics and the Slackcess Fund. She helps her husband, Ryan Jenks, behind the scenes with his How NOT to Highline Youtube channel and the writing of the Bolting Bible, and does her best to help support the creation and compilation of resources and art in the community. She has helped establish new highlines throughout Yosemite, Iceland, Canada, and Mexico. Her PR is 50 m, and her longest crossing is 310 meters (1016 ft). Besides slacklining, she is an avid handstander, contortionist, and enjoys the aerial arts of pole and silks. She has a degree in Managerial Economics with a focus in Agricultural, Environmental, and Natural Resource Economics from the University of California, Davis, and is currently growing her own business in graphic design.

Kimberly handles all inquiries for Slacklife Global at

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ryan jenks

Location: Lodi, CA

Ryan is a slackliner, teacher, and general “rigging perv.” He runs the How NOT to Highline channel on Youtube which teaches highlining concepts to newcomers in the sport, co-founded Slackademics with his wife, Kimberly Weglin, and is currently writing “The Bolting Bible” which will help establish bolting standards in the sport. Ryan has established lines throughout Yosemite, Iceland, Canada, and Mexico. His PR is 78m (256ft) and his longest crossing is 310 m (1016 ft). Before Ryan found highlining, he was a big waller and currently has 17 walls under his belt (16 in Yosemite and 1 in Zion).

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mia noblet

Location: Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

*Current female highline world record holder: 493 meters (1617 ft) -November 2017*

Mia has excelled extremely quickly in the sport. Barely a year after she set foot on her first slackline, she smashed the female highline record by double, setting the longest female walk to 222 m (728 ft) at Hunlen Falls, British Colombia (September 2016). She then upped her PR (and the world record) to 450m (1476 ft) in June 2017, and once again pushed it even further to 493m (1617 ft) in November 2017.

Before finding slacklining, Mia was a former figure skater and speed skater, training at the world renowned Richmond Olympics Oval in Vancouver. She enjoys photography and hard missions in the alpine.

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friedi kuhne

Location: Germany

*Current FREE SOLO (no leash) highline world record holder at 110 meters
(360 ft) - September 2017*

Friedi has held the free solo record since September 2016 when he upped the world record to 72 meters. Since then, he has broken his own PR and upped the world record to 110 meters. Friedi also holds the low tech highline world record and is a major advocate for trickline highlining. Friedi has invented and landed many highline tricks including the famous Yoda roll.  His longest highline walk is 1500 meters (4920 ft)

Before Friedi fell in love with highlining, he was an avid trickliner and won many competitions including 1st place at the Austrian Slackline Open in 2013 and 2014 and placing 2nd in the Polish Tricklining Cup 2013. He continues to judge many trickline competitions.

Friedi’s other interests include climbing, mountaineering, parkour, freerunning, and handbalancing.

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andy lewis

Location: Moab, Utah

*Current best American highline walker at 469 meters (1538 ft) -
November 2017*

Andy Lewis is a jack of all extreme trades He is a professional slackliner, BASE jumper, stunt coordinator, performer, and internationally recognized extreme sports athlete. He is considered the “Godfather of Tricklining” as he played a major role in developing the sport of competitive tricklining, becoming the first ever slackline world champion in 2008 in Fort William, Scotland. He repeated the feat in 2009 and won the Gibbon World Cup Series the following two years. Andy is also known for his many FA’s on highlines, and having set several distance records on highlines. He was the first to successfully rig and walk a 55m+ highline (2008), the first to walk a 60m+ highline  (2009), and rigged and walked the world’s first 100m+ highline ever (2010). Andy is also renowned for his "free solo" exploits, having walked more than 100 different highlines without a safety leash and holding the freesolo record for 4 years up until August 2015, with a 55m crossing.

Andy was included in the Reel Rock 2011 film, featured on MTV, and on other international TV networks. He is credited with taking slacklining from an obscure hobby to the world media forefront when he performed tricklining in the 2012 Superbowl Halftime show on stage with Madonna. Saturday Night Live and Conan O'Brien's Late Night TV show parodied Andy's halftime performance in the week following the Super Bowl.

Andy runs a Youtube channel called SlacklifeTV, owns a small business creating slackline specific pulleys named “Slackline Brothers,” and creates slack related music on Soundcloud.

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spencer seabrooke

Location: Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

Spencer is a co-founder and leader of the slackline company SlacklifeBC. He is a pro slackliner, rigger, and a freesolo advocate who held the world record from August 2015-September 2016 at 64 meters, (209 ft), a feat documented in the film “Untethered.”

“Once you feel comfortable on the line in the park, you put it high in the air.  Once you are comfortable high in the air, you take off your harness … It’s how I always envisioned it.” – Spencer

Spencer helps organize festivals and hosts highline rigging workshops in partnership with the Arcteryx Climbing Academy. His current highline PR is 493 meters.

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catrina sisco

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Fairly new to the sport, Catrina is already crushing highlines and sending big bounce tricks like the Obi Wan (the only female to land one) and the Nevermind. Her PR is 45 m and her longest crossing is 493 m.

Before she found slacklining, she was a super hard climber (and still is!), climbing up to 5.12d and bouldering V8. Her climbing skills come in handy when we are trying to rig projects on towers and rock faces. 

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brent plumley

Location: Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

Brent is a co-founder of Slacklife BC, a rigger, with an Honors Degree in Mathematical Physics from the University of Waterloo, and a logistics specialist. He organizes festivals and hosts a highline rigging academy with the Arcteryx Climbing Academy. Brent, along with Mat, take care of all the behind the scenes details and make sure we have everything we need to succeed on our big projects.

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garrison rowland

Location: Auburn, CA

Garrison has the second longest highline walk in America (by an American) at 340 meters (1115 ft) (set  August 2017, Lover’s Leap, Tahoe). He has helped established many lines throughout Yosemite, the Sierras, and Tahoe. He has been famously featured as “the man in the moon” in a widespread image taken by Chris Burkard.

Garrison just graduated highschool and is an extremely multitalented individual. He not only crushes highlines, he is also into surfing, trail running, climbing, mountain biking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, unicycling, hiking, and skateboarding. I don't know how he finds the time either. 

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mathew davis

Location: Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

Mat is a mountaineer, coordinator, and logistics specialist. Mat, along with Brent, help us scout, plan, rig, and execute our hard alpine projects. Mat is also a chef, graduated from the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver, BC, in 2002. Whether you need some fall of the bones ribs in the alpine or a crucial piece of gear (that you forgot and he didn’t), he’s your man.

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