David Kingston

Slackcess Fund has given its first reimbursement!  David Kingston's (@dtk6) latest project was to replace bad bolts for 8 lines in Joshua tree, California and “The Rim Job” at The End of the World in Arizona.  We were able to help with $350 for hardware costs, but he has way more into it than this.  Almost 10x this amount.

In Joshua Tree, he removed a bunch of zinc plated wedge bolts, like the Home Depot crap, and installed ⅝” (14mm) 100% stainless sleeve bolts.  It is ideal if a hole is reused after removing a bad bolt to minimize impact, but it can compromise the strength of the next one since the hole diameter isn’t exact, so he drilled the hole bigger and went with a beefier bolt.  At the End of the World, he installed 14mm Titanium glue ins with Red Hilti RE-500 V3 glue (the magic duo for bomber).  He used rock dust with the glue so it’s a nice tidy job.

He tests all these projects at home and does his own break tests.  David goes above and beyond so you don’t die!  Thank you David for your contribution to the sport.

Lines replaced:

Joshua Tree - *Hall of horrors, *Hemingway 100 & 180, *Between wok and hard place, *Chongo gap, *Little rock candy mtn, *60 & 90 footer lines at Ryan Mtn

End of the World - *Rim job