Have you ever highlined on bolts?  Do you know how those got there? Another highliner invested a lot of time and money so everyone could enjoy that line. Bolts are the only gear shared by the whole community, yet the cost of bolting a line generally falls on just a single person.  

While we promote all natural highlines, sometimes bolts are necessary for a safe anchor.  We believe SAFE anchors are top priority.  Access is important to all of us, so encouraging better bolting practices can create more places to highline for our community.  Sharing knowledge is what protects our access, and Slackcess Fund is about safe access for everyone.

We believe there are a lot of generous highliners who would love to help the few who have bolted, and now Slackcess Fund creates a platform to do so.  There’s no bureaucracy, no bullshit, just cash!  Please help a fellow highliner who has paid out of their pocket to properly install bolts by donating to Slackcess Fund or by buying one of Kim’s super rad bolting shirts.  She has "Bad Bolts Blow", "Go All Natural", and "I support pulling out".  100% of your donations and 100% of the proceeds from these shirts will go directly to people replacing bad bolts or installing safe bolts, but only where they are needed.  We all benefit from good bolts; let’s help share the cost of them.

In addition, Slackcess Fund is hosting the community developed bolting guide for highliners - The Bolting Bible.  The last thing this world needs is one more gawd damn religion… but what makes our bible different is that we update ours as we receive new information.  The Old Testament teaches everything about bolts, while the New Testament teaches how to remove bolts and how to Go All Natural.  It has a fun theme, lots of pictures, and is pounded full of information.  Check it out!

*A very special thank you goes to Andy Lewis for contributing his Slackcess Fund name to our cause.*

smaller diagram for how slackcess fund works.png


Just ask!  Facebook message us on Slackcess Fund about what you are doing, and we will see if we can help.  Remember, everyone will see the pictures of your anchors on our Facebook page, so make sure it is something people would want to help pay for!

How do we decide who gets the money?  We will "balance" between first come, first serve AND priority projects.  We want to spread the wealth evenly but reimburse enough money to actually help.  Replacing bad bolts will have priority over new anchors.  Popular areas will come before desolate areas.  A lot of judgement calls will have to be made after we see what kind of activity we get from donors, T-shirts, and bolters.  We care about people's opinions and want this to be a positive contribution to the sport; however, in an effort to maintain trust with donors, we may have to say no sometimes.


Donate with PayPal.  "Friend to Friend" charges 0% (if you pay with a linked bank account and not a credit card or debit card) for US and Canada and a small % for international locations.  Your money goes into PayPal and STAYS in there until it is sent through PayPal to a highliner who replaced bad bolts or put in a safe anchor. 

Follow the money!  The budget page shows who gave money and which bolter received it.  This will also be shown on our Facebook page with pictures of the anchors that were replaced or installed.  

Are we an official non-profit? Nah, that's too official.  We definitely are not making a profit and we can always make a 501(c)3 later, but your donations are NOT tax deductible for now.

We have high standards for bolts.  We got so religious about quality that we made a bible about it!  Slackcess Fund will only support quality and necessary anchors.


Who manages slackcess fund?

Hi, we are Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin. After bolting lines ourselves, we realized how expensive it is, how much work it requires, and how difficult it is to find consistent information on safe bolting practices all in one place. We used to take bolts for granted, but now realize this important gear that we all use, came as a cost to someone. 

While we prefer to promote all natural rigging (and make every effort ourselves to rig all natural lines), we realize that there are still a lot of areas that require bolts or need their bolt anchors updated and replaced.

Although we have replaced many bolt anchors ourselves, please note that we will not self serve.  Even if we bolt, we will not take money out of this fund.  We believe in it and want to support it, not drain it.  Thank you Andy Lewis for contributing the name of Slackcess Fund.