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Andy Lewis is a jack of all extreme trades.  He is a professional performer, stunt coordinator and internationally recognized extreme athlete.  He is considered the "Father of Tricklining," and he has won 2 Gibbon World Cup Series 2 times.  He has walked over 100 different highlines without a saftey leash and held the free solo record for 4 years at 55 meters long.  Andy established many, many highlines and has a P.R. of 469 meters long.  He is a pro BASE jumper who is developing the sport by combining highlining and BASE into one, called BASElining.  He has been featured on Reel Rock 2011, MTV, Saturday Night Live, Conan O'brien's Late Night TV show, and other international TV networks.  Andy also performed in the 2012 Superbowl along side Madonna.  Not only is our friend a super star, he also is a musician! Check out all 32 of his tracks on Soundcloud.  See all the other crazy stuff he does on Facebook, or @sketchyandylewis, and contact him at Mr.Slackline@gmail.com.