Interview with Scott Balcom

I’ve read just about every article I can find online about Scott Balcom's Spire crossing...most say the exact same thing, and some even sum it up into a sentence or less. After all that, I still didn’t really feel like I had a grasp of what happened there or how pivotal and revolutionary that time was for our sport. How did it evolve? What he was feeling? What motivated him? What was it rigged on? What does he think about today’s slackers? Sometimes the little things are the most interesting… so Ryan and I got him on a three way call to ask him all of our unanswered questions, and I wrote out the relevant transcript for all of you to enjoy. We didn’t try to sum it fact, it’s 20 pages long, and there’s some pretty great gems of wisdom in there if you take the time to read it like:  “But on the slackline. . . .it is completely spontaneous. I feel like I'm playing lead on an electric guitar. A one string electric guitar. . . .me and balance are dancing. “  

Thank you Scott for giving us so much of your time, and I hope you all enjoy learning about this as much as we did!