Here is the team behind the scenes.  The more talent we add to the team the better of a resource this can be to our community.  Check out who is making this website great and message us if you want to #getinvolved!


Co-Founder + Web designer

Kim was born and raised in Sacramento, California. For college, she attended UC Davis where she earned a degree in Managerial Economics with a focus in Agricultural, Environmental, and Natural Resource Economics. Like most people, she was not passionate about her degree and never used it. Instead, she decided to take a year off, travel the world while bartending, and then go back to school and earn a law degree. After a year of traveling, mixing up drinks at the Pub, and living the slacklife, she didn't want to stop. She was soon accepted into UC Davis Law School, but that still didn't feel right to her. She ended up turning that down in search of that career that lit her heart on fire (or at least made her feel an ounce of passion). Eventually, with the encouragement of a friend and a lot of nagging from her fiance (Ryan ^) to start her own business, she dove headfirst into the wedding industry making signage and writing calligraphy--a longtime hobby of hers. She knew nothing about running a business, but she did her best to figure it out along the way (with a lot of help from Ryan). Soon enough, she was able to quit bartending and work on growing her business full time. From there, she started teaching herself about digital design and graphic art, and is currently finding her passion and flow in the world of design. 

She now lives in Lodi, Ca, with her fiance, Ryan Jenks, and their two kitties, Puff and Tuff (who she is literally obsessed with.) She is a Slacklife BC athlete, avid handstander, aspiring contortionist, and a big fan of getting involved.  

You can follow along with all her bendiness and shenanigans on Facebook and on Instagram @_kimw_

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Co-Founder + Director

As a born and raised Californian, Ryan fell in love with climbing and Yosemite in 2004. Slacklining was a fun activity in the gym while resting, and doing a 100 foot "long line" in the park was a personal milestone.  Big walling was his first passion; he did 16 big wall climbs in Yosemite and 1 in Zion.  Inspired by Dean Potter's highlining, Ryan slowly changed gears to slacklining in 2010 and walked his first highline in 2011.  Now he highlines almost exclusively, and it is rare to see him climb anything (unless it is to rig a line!).  Reaching flow state is what draws his interest, but being a part of such a tight knit community is what captured his heart for slacklife.  He has painted houses for 15 years with his father in the family business.  This environment allowed him to learn business hands on and have the flexibility to be a weekend warrior.  Ryan proposed to Kim Weglin after dating 2 years and they are planning on getting married at GGBY on the space net in 2017. Check him out on Facebook and on Instagram @slackinhigh.


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Content manager

A Nashville, Tennessee native, Michael Melner, or Mel, is that guy you meet that just seems to know everyone.  Having lived all over the country, he has made Sacramento, CA his home.   Mel started climbing around 2001 after being Inspired by Dean Potter in Masters of Stone V.  He was interested in slacklining at this time, but the lack of information available didn’t allow the seed to grow.  Introduced once again to the sport of slacklining at Pipeworks Climbing Gym in Sacramento, Mel was finally given the chance to fulfill a dream from 13 years ago.  After teaming up with Ryan Jenks and Kim Weglin, he has learned to rig and rig well.  He has now embraced slack life to the fullest and rigs highlines almost every single weekend.  

He is a blast to hang out with because, regardless of how long you have known him, he always has some new talent or experience pop out that you didn’t know about.  He received his bachelors in political science from the University of Nevada and then his Masters from National University in Studied Applied Behavior Analysis/Autism in 2015.  He currently works as a Consultant at Capitol Autism Services, but also has experience in marketing and lobbying.  And if someone needs help, Mel is the guy who would give the shirt off his own back to see that person is taken care of.  What a great member to have on the team!  

Check him out on facebook and @meladapted

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Content manager

Sara lives in Bishop, California where she works for a conservation non-profit as their land Stewardship Coordinator. She holds a bachelor's degree from American University in Washington, DC and recently received the Governor’s Volunteering and Service Award for AmeriCorps member of the Year in California. She found highlining on accident after showing up at a highline gathering in Australia thinking highlining was a version of climbing—whoops! Having never been on a slackline, she was in for a surprise and this surprise became a beautiful new passion. When she is not in the field doing restoration, or on a slackline, she enjoys attending potlucks with her friends, climbing, hiking, and soaking in hot springs. Having found an incredible family through the slackline community, she looks forward to giving back and providing access to this inspiring and diverse tribe of people. Check her out on Facebook or email her at