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*Slackademics has only presented content from the Slackrobats that is related to slacklining. If you are interested in Yoga or AcroYoga as well, then you should definitely check out their website for more info and tutorials!*


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SLACKROBATS is an Oregon-born and now global community of extreme yogis, acrobats, and slackline ninjas founded by Lindsi Cagan and Buddy Thomas. Together this teaching and performing duo offers regular classes, workshops, and international yoga challenges centered around acroyoga and slacklining skills.

The Slackrobats are passionate about building community that trains together, learns from one another, and supports each other. They're all about making yoga FUN while keeping athletes SAFE, and their silly and playful teaching style makes it easy to forget that you're getting an amazing workout while building body awareness and mastering technique!

Their blog is filled with helpful articles and resources for learning to slackline. You can find free tutorials on the Slackrobats YouTube channel, and unlimited inspiration on the their Instagram. You can even share your progress with the rest of the community by posting in the Slackrobats Facebook group! Help to spread the slackline stoke by using hashtag #slackrobats on your posts.

Lindsi Cagan

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A self-proclaimed movement addict from Bend Oregon whose biggest challenge in life is staying still.

Lindsi is an outspoken, energetic, multi-tasking teacher and performer who currently specializes in partner acrobatics, aerials, hoop, yoga, and dance. She is the co-founder of Slackrobats, and an extreme yogi if there ever was one. If you see her hanging around a slackline, she’s most likely doing AcroYoga on it, balancing on another person rather than the line itself. Kinesthetic movement is her language, a fact she discovered when learning American Sign Language in college.

Lindsi is an avid traveller and entrepreneur, taking her skillsets with her wherever she goes. When she’s not teaching, you can find her outdoors gallivanting with Neela (her spunky red grandma-retriever), blogging about delicious gluten free beer, or starting way too many businesses. Her close friends have a nickname for her, Picaflor. First coined by a couchsurfing host she met in Argentina, ‘picaflor’ is a common translation for ‘hummingbird’ in South America. She lives up to her nickname, right down to her annual escapes to warmer climates in the wintertime.

You can connect with Lindsi on most social channels, or through her website

buddy thomas


Meet Buddy Thomas of the Slackrobats. Buddy discovered his passion for slacklining in 2013, when he first met the Yogaslackers. Since then he has become a Yogaslacker himself and spent hundreds of hours training and learning how to share his love of slacklining with others. Buddy specializes in slackline yoga and AcroYoga, in addition to other circus arts such as stilt-walking and poi. He finds joy in making slackline conditioning accessible for all through creative training drills and fun balance-based games. In 2015, he and his partner Lindsi started Slackrobats, a global community for balance-seekers to gather, collaborate and inspire one another.