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Do you love slacklining and want to learn more about highlining?  The How NOT to Highline series teaches all the things Ryan wish he knew while he was learning the transition.  He focuses on what NOT to do so that you don't die. Ryan also show you how to do it right so you can have fun. Each episode delves into a different aspect of highlining, with topics ranging from highline lingo and tag lines to more complicated issues like making your own soft shackles. You get the best tips and tricks to make your highline rigging safer and more efficient, and you even get some sneak peaks into some real life rigging examples and behind the scenes footage from recent trips. 

By no means are we suggesting that you learn everything about highlining from a guy in his garage on YouTube. Ideally, everyone would learn hands on from an experienced rigger, yet that's not always practical as not everyone has that option and still wants and needs the education. 

How NOT to Highline is intended to be a free resource of shared information, in the hope that it can save lives and prevent the preventable accidents. It is made to be entertaining because slacking should be fun! Videos have been uploaded consistently for over 9 months now, every other Wednesday, so subscribe on YouTube to ensure that you don't miss an episode.

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Since 2005, Ryan Jenks has been drawn to the slackline.  He tried his first highline in 2006 and almost died because he used an unlocked-locking carabiner with a crappy leash.  He didn't try highlining again until 2010, yet he still didn't know much as there was barely any information available on highlining at the time. After a lot of trial and error and self teaching, Ryan discovered almost every wrong way one can highline. Eventually he heard about highline festivals and started going to those to meet other slackers. Because of those interactions, Ryan was exposed to the latest gear, tips, and techniques, and his rigging knowledge increased exponentially.  He has now set up hundreds of highlines in all sorts of settings.  

His stomping ground is Yosemite National Park where he, along with his friends,  have established a number of lines: Tunnel Vision (Hwy120 130ft), Flight of Falcons (Rostrum 195ft), Crossing State Lines (Nevada Falls 130ft), Rostrum 300, Rostrum 537, Taft 100m + 200m + 300m, Vernal Falls 420. Other established lines include the Cleo's Bath Highline in Pinecrest, CA, and the High Resolution line on the UC Santa Cruz campus, Hall Pass in Joshua tree (300ft) and 2 lines in Cabo San Lucas with Andy Lewis and Scott Rogers. 

In addition to highlining, Ryan has climbed 17 big walls, including Prow in a day and the Zodiac clean.

He has developed HowNOTtoHighline, a youtube channel, to teach slackliners how to rig highlines. Also includes, rope jump tutorials, SlackSnap break tests, Bolting Bible, Bolt Busters, Slack Museum, and now Highline University International. #SlackLife!