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After graduating from SFSU in 2014 with a bachelor's in fine art and art history, Shanté was at a crossroads in her life. She found rock climbing around the same time and used it as a solace while she wasn't putting in hours at the museum or nannying to pay the bills. In August of 2016, Shanté left the San Francisco art scene she had drawn so close to. She began traveling full-time and found herself inspired to create more art than she ever experienced while living in a city.

Ever since she was a young child she has been painting oils on canvas and has had a lifelong dream of becoming a true artist. Her calling was not in a city or inside some large museum; she felt most alive while exploring wild places. So when Shanté decided to hit the road, this new inspiration to create, to draw, and to see things through the eyes of an artist began to soar.

Through her countless hours of dedication to rock climbing, slacklining, and yoga, she began to push both her physical and mental boundaries. In this process, she simultaneously began to draw inspiration from the beautiful places she continually calls home. Making the leap into traveling full-time while creating art is a blessing Shanté never thought she would actually have the opportunity to live out, and now that she is, she feels more fulfilled than ever.