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Meheen Ruby is an artist, farmer, and (in her own words) amateur human being living and making work in California. She makes work about a variety of topics & in an array of media. Sometimes she is more heavy and serious, sometimes light and funny. She is interested in reality, perceptions, identity, environment, technology, justice, education, and is a fan of slacklining.


Vibrancy is an essential piece of Meheen's art and philosophical practice. She experiences Synesthesia, a neurological condition involving a crossing of the right and left brain. With these physiological crossings comes a crossing of sensory information; tastes have color, sound has color, sound has texture. Wassily Kandinsky famously would paint the colors he saw in music. Her experience with synesthesia is crucial to her work and personal philosophy.

studio practice

Meheen has been applying color to objects as far back as she can remember. For her, the creative process is more than a hobby, career, or profession. It is a way of understanding and interacting with the world around her. Through her art, she hopes to investigate the human predisposition to seeking out practices that culminate in accessing a meditative mental space. She believes that "flow state" is an essential, though unwritten, part of everyday life and psychological and physical wellness.

She formally began her studio practice in 2007 when she joined Youth Arts Collective, an innovative program that continues to inspire her. At the same time, she enrolled in Monterey High School's Art Careers Academy.

She studied at Monterey Peninsula College, where she discovered mixed media techniques and developed her painting and printmaking skills.

At Humboldt State University she delved much further into printmaking, experimenting with monotype, woodcut, zinc plate etching, and many other techniques. She served as a lab assistant for the HSU Print lab and attended Southern Graphics Council with Print Club. She held her first solo exhibition at the HSU-run Student Access Gallery, and continued to show on campus and in the community.

Meheen completed her B.A. and Museum and Gallery Practices Certification in 2014.

In 2015 she was honored to join YAC Alumni at the Monterey Museum of Art for a group show featuring her painting "Flight" along with two of her woodcuts.

In 2016 she was featured in the Sand City Juried Art Show as part of the West End Festival with her painting "Acid and Salt".

Currently located in Monterey County, she am available for live painting, classes (Sip & Create) or private party, art modeling, curatorial work, and commission.