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Birthday:  October 23, 1983

Zodiac:  Libra/Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon, Aquarius Rising

Life Path Number & Enneagram Type:  9 (The Peacemaker)

Spirit Animals:  Honeybee, baby bear, jaguar, sidewinder, gnarwhal, hummingbird

Alec Falle Hamilton is 33 years old.  He lives in Vail, Colorado, and works as a ski instructor in the wintertime and an artist all year round. He also teaches mountain biking in the summer, and when he first moved to the valley, he was training to be a professional mountain bike racer.  It took him many years to realize what his parents knew the whole time:  He is an artist.  He makes art.  He was just distracted by all of the other exciting things to do (like slacklining, juggling, dancing, spinning fire, most sports, and generally moving his body). He is constantly studying different subjects ranging from human optimization & excercise to comedy, astrology and geometry.   He has always been drawn to symbolism & layers of meaning, and found (in his mid-twenties) that he has a strong intuitive understanding of the zodiac & animal symbols.  Once he started walking down these roads, he realized that they are lifelong pathways, that just go deeper and deeper, further and further. He endeavors to use the symbols that already exist, by any means necessary, to spread self-awareness and connection to our surroundings.  

The name Alec means helper & protector of mankind, and he is here to help.  He is an artist, a skier & a diplomat in training.  His aim is to bring beauty & peace.  To paint with symbols and ideas from across the world, to interact with many different people and cultures, using the global language of art.   He is on a mission of transformation.  In his life, he has been shown again and again the power of art.  He has seen the way that one piece can completely change a room or a household, and he has seen how artists have changed the shape of culture and civilization as a whole. Because of that, he started to think much more carefully about the vibrations that he gives to the world.  

He realized a couple years ago that he was mostly living as a consumer.  He was consuming much more than he was creating--a glutton for experience and sensation.  He was taking more than he was giving, and feeling like he never had enough.  He now has a changed outlook, and has seen the change in his own mind, and in the world around him, when he gives as much as possible.  It has been a beautiful and tangible shift for him. He believes that we are all creator beings, we are here to give our gifts to the world around us.  The purpose of his art & his life is to spread love, unity and compassion.  He advocates for the restructuring of society & culture, and a re-examination of outmoded systems of government and control.  We cannot truly be free, while our brothers and sisters live their lives behind bars, or in fear and poverty, starvation and disease.  He is on a mission to unite the tribes, to bring peace and prosperity to his people, to all people.  He has no idea how to do this, however, so he is asking for all of our help.  He believes that the keys to this are awareness and compassion. We are all brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons of our great mother earth.  We have forgotten that We are One race together.  The human race.  We are the stewards of this beautiful planet, let's take care of it.